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Workshop sobre Metadata / Social Tagging

...Na Califórnia...

´Tag You're It: A Diaglog Between SocIal Tagging and Traditional Classification`

Friday, February 22, 2008

Does social tagging represent collaboration and knowledge sharing at its best or does it mean the end of access to information? What, if any, is the role for social tagging systems in our library catalogs? How are libraries an d other institutions using social tagging systems today? What does social tagging mean to users? A wide range of speakers will discuss these and other issues surrounding social tagging, its implications for traditional classification and what it all means for the future of libraries, museums, and access to information.


* Murtha Baca, Getty Research Institute
* Rich Cherry, Project Steve
* Jonathan Furner, UCLA
* Gabriel Lundeen, Los Angeles Public Library
* Mike Winkler, University of Pennsylvania
* Jezmynne Westcott, Alexandra Chappell, Candace Lebel, Claremont Colleges

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