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O potencial dos Vídeo Blogs para os museus

Vejam este artigo que vem na newsletter do Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) de hoje:

Video Blogs: The Next Generation of Personal Blogging

Podcasting was the Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year in 2005, a reflection of the incredible growth of personal digital audio recordings distributed over the Internet. Following in the tradition of blogs and podcasts, video blogs -- also known as VODcasts, video podcasts or Vlogs -- bring video to the blogging experience. A video blog is simply video that has been formatted so that it can be downloaded and viewed on a personal mobile device such as a cell phone, iPod or even a personal computer.

The technology underlying a video blog is fairly straightforward. Video captured using a standard video camera or pc cam is converted to an MPEG-4 format, which is the format that can be viewed on a portable device. Video blogs can also simply display an image to the user and have a voice over.

An excellent example from the digital cultural domain comes to us courtesy of art history professors Beth Harris and Steven Zucker. Their vodcast on Manet's Olympia, which is accessible from their blog, smARThistory, features an image of a painting with Harris and Zucker providing a voice over. This simple, yet highly effective manner of conveying information about a work of art demonstrates vodcasting at its finest. The technology is used to convey a message, rather than being the focus of the presentation.

Video blogs have tremendous potential for museums. They can be used to lure visitors to a museum by showing portions of an exhibit, or to share parts of a collection, which simply cannot be displayed in the institution. They are cheap to produce, as they only require standard video capture, and are in increasing demand as video over cell phones and 5th generation iPods become more popular.

BlOG : http://smarthistory.blogspot.com/ ( vale a pena )
Manet's Olympia: a New Vod-cast

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