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Re-thinking technology in museums

Que pena não podermos ir :
Re-Thinking Technology in Museums: Towards a New Understanding of People's Experience in Museums University of Limerick (Ireland) 29th-30th June 2005

um bocadinho da descrição difundida pela lista H -Museum :

The workshop will focus on discussing novel approaches for understanding people's experiences in museums and art galleries and for designing interactive technologies to support these experiences.
Existing research discussing the role and impact of interactive technologies within this domain is mainly focused on the design of computerized systems that would provide museum visitors with large amounts of information regarding certain museum artefacts and exhibits. The technologies that have been employed for this purpose range from touch-screen kiosks, to portable digital assistants and 'ambient'
technologies. However, this approach to designing interactive installations for museums presents certain limits: these installations can undermine people's appreciation of the exhibits, as they are sometimes intrusive and distracting. Also, visitors' social interaction with others is not supported adequately as most of these installations support single user interaction and might isolate people (for example in the case of audioguides). Finally, these installations tend to replace existing informational resources such as human guides, museum docents, guidebooks and paper labels, although these 'traditional' forms of visitor support are informative, engaging and unobtrusive.

Dr. Luigina Ciolfi
Interaction Design Centre
Engineering Research Building, ER1 005
University of Limerick, Ireland
Tel. [+353] 061 213530
Fax. [+353] 061 202734
H-Net Network for Museums and Museum Studies

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