quinta-feira, 20 de maio de 2004

Princípios de qualidade de sites culturais

O Minerva ( www.minervaeurope.org ) faz o resumo :

"A quality website must:

-be transparent, clearly stating the identity and purpose of the website, as well as the organisation responsible for its management

-select, digitise, author, present and validate content to create an effective website for users

-implement quality of service policy guidelines to ensure that the website is maintained and updated at an appropriate level

-be accessible to all users, irrespective of the technology they use or their disabilities, including navigation, content, and interactive elements

-be user-centred, taking into account the needs of users, ensuring relevance and ease of use through responding to evaluation and feedback

-be responsive, enabling users to contact the site and receive an appropriate reply. Where appropriate, encourage questions, information sharing and discussions with and between users

-be aware of the importance of multi-linguality by providing a minimum level of access in more than one language

-be committed to being interoperable within cultural networks to enable users to easily locate the content and services that meet their needs

-be managed to respect legal issues such as IPR and privacy and clearly state the terms and conditions on which the website and its contents may be used

-adopt strategies and standards to ensure that the website and its content can be preserved for the long-term "


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