quinta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2003

Improving the UK museum Documentation Standards : are you interested in joining a working group ?

"Resource has funded mda to develop SPECTRUM: the UK Museum Documentation Standard. SPECTRUM describes and recommends the best-practice procedures that are required by the Resource Registration scheme and which have had a huge impact on raising standards in documentation, both in the UK and abroad.

mda is now undertaking a major revision of SPECTRUM to take account of developments in best practice.
An expert advisory group will meet on19 December and the specification for the new edition is expected to be produced by the end of February 2004.

mda will be setting up a number of working groups to implement the specification. If you are interested in joining a working group please reply to Effie Patsatzi, Standards Adviser, effie@mda.org.uk with a brief description of your relevant experience and your particular area of expertise by Monday 26 January. In the meantime please do pass on this message to any contacts whom you believe would have valuable input to the development process. Thanking you in anticipation."

Contact Name: Emma Wright
Contact Tel: 020 7273 1459
Contact Email: emma.wright@resource.gov.uk
Weblink: http://www.mda.org.uk

Fonte : resource

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